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what’s good world?  i see/hear/witness/experience some of the dumbest/illogical/most brainless shit/people on a day2day basis.  gonna give ya’ll a peek inside my crowded head via this new blog of mine.  welcome to my mind, perception & thought.  also check me out over at my (impersonal) other blog.



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ever been ADORED?  ever been adored by someone special u adore?  ever threw that adoration away for no sane reason at all???  yeah?  then u feel me…u know my pain.  u know the self-disgust.  u’re one with the shame.  ure all too familiar with the somewhat negative self image i carry day in & day out (now).   

why on earth did i step on one of few existing & unique flowers in my yard?  who the fuck do i think i am?   sure, build a house to burn it down…THAT’S the way to go.   yeah…right.

gone is trust, confidence, comfort, pure love, ADORATION, conversation & pressureless companionship.   do i have issues?  DO I HAVE ISSUES !!!???  shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.   how long will the d&g shades hide my embarrasment (if its hiding it at all)?    damn, the things that words cant really express…

forgiveness?  yeah.  self-forgiveness?  fuck no.  things will never be the same…party over…good night drey….U DUMBASS!!!

moral of my regretfull error is: 

dont stab someone in the chest when u live in their heart.















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“Between men and women there is no friendship possible.    There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.”          Oscar Wilde

do i LOVE love her, or do i want her as a lover?    

since the bitter part of a sweet relationship is the break-up,  i won’t break up anymore.   if we can’t break up with eachother, then i can’t break up inside.

what do i REALLY want from you?  well, that’s what i’m trying to figure out.  does it hurt?  yes.  does it HURT hurt??  yes.  yes, it does.   do i love you?  yes.  do i LOVE love you?  yes.  yes, i do.  do u love me?  yes.  do you LOVE love me?  uhh…i dunno (kanye shrug).   well, it’s possible….yeah, i think so….but i’m not sure.

what is it exactly about you?  is it beauty?  possibly.  wait, i got it!!!   companionship.   i can fuck anyone.  but, can i enjoy an intelligent conversation with any one of them?  will we ever do the do?  will i still have all that LOVE love for you still?  will i still crave your company?  i wanna say yes…really, i do.

you ONCE swore to me i didn’t know, that i had no idea what was what.  i said i did.  thought i was sure then.  now, not really.  actually, i’m so doubtful.   

i do know one thing though….i know what’s stopping us.  i do.


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drey:  eating sushi is like pork mixed with the pussy of some b!tch u just met at a bar.


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“my whole life flashed right in front of my eyes.”   how many times have we heard this?  it actually happened to me a coupla times & led me to a theory.

ok, given that one’s whole life can ‘flash’ in front of one’s eyes moments before death, isn’t it possible there’s a parrallel vision?   AFTER death???

now, bear w/ me as i attempt to verbalize thought.   if what u know flashes before you cross over, wouldn’t it make sense that what u DON’T know flashes as soon as you die?  lemme break it down further.  i like to call my theory the ‘period of enlightenment’.  as i imagine it, ALL one’s doubt will be cleared.  for example, i never knew whether or not this or that female had certain feelings for me…now i know.  never knew if my cousin did actually steal my jersey…now i know…4 sure.  i know thoughts dont/wont occur postmortem.  the period i write of is the few seconds after one dies…b4 becoming ‘energy’…b4 one’s ‘soul’ leaves the physical form…sorta like a purgatory.



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